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Monday, May 13, 2019

A new approach to Battling the Pesky Flies 2019

New Approach To Battling Flies around Livestock:

This year in 2019, I have decided to add another approach to keeping the fly population down, and under control.

I have been reading about "Fly Predators" for a while now, and this year I decided to try them out. I ordered them from

I also ordered their all natural essential oil "Bye Bye Insects", spray, for spraying down the girls with.

Care should be taken to not spray the areas where the Fly Predators have been placed. It will kill them as well, even though it is natural, it is meant to destroy the flies.

NOTE: if you have Free Ranging Chickens, you may need to keep them out of the pastures and the compost bin, garden areas, as they are tasty snacks for our featherbabies....

If you would like more information on the Fly Predators, here is the link to their information page...

The Bye Bye Insects spray, has these essential oils in them:

This is the link has more information on the Spray: